Comodo Firewall v3.0 install

Dear Comodians, :wink:
I was wondering what to do when CPF v3.0 beta will finally be released (let’s keep our fingers crossed it’ll be monday) and thought to ask your opinions / plans.
So here we go:

What will you do when v3 is released?

  • I’ll build up my system from the scratch and install v3.0 on a fresh and clean system.

  • I’ll uninstall CPF Pro 2.4 and then install v3.

  • I’ll not uninstall CPF Pro 2.4, simply install v3 and see what happens.

  • etc.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

P.S. I think I might just uninstall 2.4 and then install v3 but I’m not sure.

The 6 million dollar question should be…shouldn’t i wait a while to find out how stable V.3 is or be adventurous and install it straight away?

I for one will wait a week or so and consult the experts here before i commit!!

Hey Bader40,
that’s also a question worth asking. However, seeing how people here are yearning for the new beta, I thought it was out of the question for most to wait. (B)
Please feel free to not only answer to my initial question, but also to add new questions / thoughts / ideas etc. Everything is welcome and most interesting.

Uninstall current version. That’s always the best recommendation if you want a safe start. Not to mention this is a big version number upgrade.

Yeah, I will do that also

New things? Umm…let’s see…Oh yeah. This thing might not work with CF 3’s new architecture in case you’re thinking of using it: [url=,2366.0.html]Script to Backup CPF Firewall Settings

Hey Grampa, you’re right come Monday it’s gonna take all my will power not to download the new version…will i be able to resist…probably not.

In answer to your question, i think it’s best to uninstall and then install new version!!

Hey Bader40,
at first I also thought it’d be better to wait for reactions / feedback before installing v3. BUT I know I will NOT be able to resist v3’s alluring spell and dl it right away. What can I do? I’m only human (I hope ;D)
Love, (this does NOT refer to you Bader40 ;))

I know where you’re coming from ( we’re both reading from the same hymn sheet here) but are we sad or what?..gettin all hot under the collar because of the release of a new peice of software…it’s a firewall when all said and done :-[

I’m off to put my anorak on ;D ;D

I’m so with you…even though I’m a tad ashamed to admit it ;D ;D ;D

Well take a look at that this ‘sad’ conversation about our love affair with Comodo has earnt me a third star…i’m now a Comodo family member!! i’m off for a celebratory glass of shandy :■■■■

congratulations. (:CLP)
You really deserved that 3rd star after all the hard work you’ve put into this thread ;).
Just kidding!!! I don’t think we’re ‘sad’, nor is our conversation. I think everybody here is under v3’s spell.
Here’s to you :■■■■

Oh…and Bader, get a proper ale.

Another option is to install a VM (Virtual Machine) such as :

Downloads - VirtualBox
Download VMware Player
Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 download

They’re all free and you could test the firewall in isolation of your main OS.

It’s probably what I’ll do, at least initially.


Hey Troggie,
this seems very interesting.
Which do you use? (just to know which one to dl if I - once again - cannot control my “need” to test new software. So I know where to ask for support in case there’ll be problems ;D)
Any experiences you’d want to share?

Hi grampa

I actually use the full version of VMWare, but I have also used Virtualbox and MS Virtual PC.

I think you will probably get a great many opinions about which is the best. One thing, however, I was a bit quick in recommending vmplayer. Unfortunately, from what I can see, you actually need something like the full version of VMWare ($$) to create the virtual machines. Once done, vmplayer will be able to use them.

Of the two that are left, it’s a matter of personal preference. One thing to think about, the support forums for virtualbox are pretty pathetic, so if you encounter a problem, you may not get an answer.

Hope that helps

Hey Troggie,
it does and is much appreciated.
Thanks for all the tips.

I think I will wait 2 weeks before I install V3…

I am not smart as you ppl…if I have a major problem ill be lost!

but, I am smart enough to use comodo (:TNG)

(R) (R) (R) (R) (R)

I’ve just thought of another application, but I’ve never used it, so would appreciate any feed back from those that have. It’s Altiris SVS.

By the way grampa it’s Toggie not TRoggie :slight_smile: :-[ :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry Toggie, I’m a sucker for "r"s I insrert therm anrywhere rI possribly carn ;D
Gosh, I need to sleep.

There is yet another option (which I use) - people can download the VMWare SERVER, (which is FREE) and have the player, and the $$$ version built in all for nothing (FREE)