COMODO firewall v. 5.9.219863.2196 is...

XP Home Edition SP3 P4 2.8 2 GB RAM

Getting notice of a new update for COMODO Firewall.

Checked and found update is apparently only for a/v engine.

Cannot find any references elsewhere on the net re this new update, nor the new version number.

??? ???

Here is the post about the update



What is ‘fix for detection on stateful non-ntfs volumes’?

If it is the a/v part, then I need it if running only COMODO firewall, and NTFS?

Or is it something else?

i think its for the av. im running the firewall and defense + but i updated through the gui under the more tab → check for updates. you dont have to update but its always good to keep your security software update to date