Comodo firewall - Usb wifi adapters bug

I have recognize if i install a usb wifi adapter driver when comodo firewall it’s already is installed two things can happens:
The usb wifi adapter don’t work until i uninstall comodo firewall and re-install
Or the internet connection sharing doesn’t work properly until i uninstall and re-install comodo (but the internet on the current pc it works)
I hope you can fix that poison bugs.

Sorry you are having this problem.

I think it my be resolved with a little help in the help forums, so I’ll move this topic there if you don’t mind.

To start with I would look to see if automatic network detection is enabled, and make sure you define any secure wifi network detected as a home network if that is what it is. Sometime the dialog for this hides under other windows on my machine.

Then I would check to see if ICS is enabled under firewall behavior setting alert settings.

Others may be able to help you more, but if they can’t and it becomes clear that you are experiencing a bug, please ask any mod to move you back here.

Best wishes