Comodo Firewall Upgrade not installing

I have been using Comodo for some time now on my Win XP system with no problem. At prompting from the old version of COMODO today I tried to upgrade my version of Comodo to the lastest version only to get the following error message
Cannot Install COMODOFirewall
Error:1603 Fatal error during installation

I note that I have still got the MS XP firewall running even though I thought it was swiched off and COMODO was my firewall. Or is it a case of having failed to upgrade COMODO I now have no COMODO firewall so my system has gone to the MS XP version.As during the installation process the old version of COMOD was removed. I use AVAST for my other requirements

Any clues as to what is happening?


You can try to make a clean install. Use the remove tool from this post and install the latest version of Comodo from here: Firewall Download | Best Firewall Security software for Windows

Does it work?


Cheers for that It now have it installed ok 8)