Comodo firewall updating at every system start.

I hope its the right time and the place to ask this question, but what does the Firewall update?

I have noticed everytime I start my pc it shows at the bottom icon on my desktop that Comodo Firewall is updating, but I can not find out what is it updating.

thanks in advance

Hi Simon101,
Is the period of updating long or short?
Are you running the latest version, found under More, About?
Current version 5.10.228257.2253

Usually its update is fast, only once I noticed that it was longer than I saw maybe 2 minutes or so.
I am running the latest version as you mentioned.

I am not using Comodo Internet Security nor Antivirus, just the Firewall.

IMO this should not be happening at every boot.
You could try disabling automatically check for program updates in More, Preferences.

The following might not solve your problem, but it is worth a try in case of a corrupt cfpupdat.exe file.
Are you getting repetitive update notices?

Thanks for the reply.
I have now removed the check for automatic update, and if it doesn’t help I follow your second advice.