Comodo Firewall Updates

Hi folks,

Comodo Firewall was recommended by the Forum that I frequent … so I have installed it and use it … I like it so far …

Q: Is there a way that Comodo Firewall updates can be added … just like Antivirus … as Incremental file? Or do I have to go through Uninstall and Install every time there is an upgrade or a fix?



Welcome. :slight_smile:

You can use “Miscellaneous > Check for Updates” for program updates.

Usually not.

It will update everything without the need for a fresh install.

You get updates Automatically, to the AV, firewall, D+ (whole CIS actually) with the difference that the firewall and such get less frequent updates than for instance the anti-virus that needs new signatures daily.

Anyway you can check for updates manually too as .FaZio93 suggested, but you get them automatically otherwise.

Also, adding onto this, I forgot to mention that like Monkey Boy said, AV signature updates are always automatic, but with program updates, it will only check for updates, notify you, and give you the option to download and install them, opposed to other programs that silently install new updates without your consent. :wink: