Comodo Firewall Updates?

 Hi there,I've just installed the excellent comodo firewall,Free version and was wondering about updates for the software.If there are regular updates for the software do i need to check the website for them manually,Or are they installed automaticly to my PC?Thank you for any help.

Important update are installed itself i think and other update you check in the Mis section “Check for updates” !

Yes, usually updates to the program itself can be auto-updated using the internet updater.
No, these are infrequent, unlike the virus database updates (i.e. the built-in AV scanner).
Currently, to update the virus database, you have to manually run the AV scanner. The next update to CFP is going to be from CIS.

If you want to udate your firewall currently, you should install just the firewall/D+ portion of CIS beta 2. The updater there will continue to update your firewall from the latest CIS beta and the final (when they happen).