Comodo Firewall Updater to use Firefox please


I prefer to use Portable Firefox. I dislike using Internet Explorer and in particular I dislike being forced to use Internet Explorer.

The updater within Comodo Firewall uses Internet Explorer. I think this is unfortunate and I hope that in a future version users may choose Firefox and even Opera.

It may well be a good marketing strategy for Comodo to be more Firefox and even Opera friendly.

There aren’t huge forums and a following for Internet Explorer as far as I am aware. However, it would be a marketing strategy worth considering, in the interests of fairness in the market place, and the significant boost to Comodo’s profile if persons at Firefox and Opera comment how friendly Comodo Firewall is to their browsers.

Don’t expect any thanks from Microsoft that you support Internet Explorer!

Please do support Firefox.


Hi Sygate. I have used Firefox exclusively for browsing and my updater used Firefox the last time I updated. I think Comodo and Firefox get along rather well to be honest but that’s only my opinion. I haven’t had any issues with the two and it seems CPF supports it nicely. Unfortunately IE is still the main browser and why MS makes it a part of Windows in order to get updates, etc…then they know many people have to use it. I don’t like the future of MS toward people at all and think it’s going to get worse. Any who, what specifics are you finding issues with? I know you said comodo update but any others? What I don’t get and have never got answered was Firefox initially uses IE as OLE automation to connect, or for various connections. Is it not truly away from IE then?


When I click the forum link (News) it opened Internet Explorer. It ought to have opened Firefox. I have had to use software “default browser” so that Firefox is selected. Perhaps an option can be added to have the forum link open in a browser of choice or at least some basic instructions on how to make Firefox or Opera the default browser.

Internet Explorer defeated Netscape in ther browser war. That is history and today Firefox and Opera out perform Internet Explorer in my view. Internet Explorer was a free Model T Ford. Today we have choices.

Just a suggestion, that will be seen as not favoring Internet Explorer. The default setup favors Microsoft. Perhaps it shouldn’t. Perhaps CPF should open the way for users to exercise a choice?


Hi again Sygate, I hate to be the thorn in your side, but when I open the news article, it opens in Firefox as does everything else. It must be some settings with your browsers? JFYI.


Hey Sygate,

I understand how you like to use portable apps because they do not require registry keys, however did you ever consider this? When using a portable app you do not get some of the features such as default browsing, if you are using firefox portable then it cannot edit the default browser because it does not have access to the registry. So because it cannot set itself as the default browser Comodo uses Internet Explorer (the real default browser on your system) to go on the internet. Install the full version of Firefox 2 and you will see that when you click the news section that it will open Firefox, not IE.