Comodo Firewall -- update size

I already have a satisfactory Anti-Virus (AVG).

I would like to continue with Comodo Firewall’s free version, BUT, the update being currently offered is GIGANTIC. This would clearly take hours on my dial-up connection, about thirty hours I think (& ‘pause’ doesn’t lead to resuming correctly, so I get to start all over again each time I need to pause).

What gives? Is my Comodo Firewall trying to ‘update’ by adding/installing Comodo’s Internet Security? Something I definitely do not want.


ps. Is there a forum dedicated to the Comodo Firewall on this site? The closest I can come up with is Comodo Internet Security.

The standalone firewall is no longer offered. (Or supported I believe)

Thanks, though it appears to still be offered (today anyway) at: (I downloaded mine on Dec. 28th, 2008.)

But, it would be nice if there were a forum just for Comodo’s firewall, or at least if the updating process could be limited to just updating the firewall and not downloading a suite of unwanted software.

I suppose I might try uninstalling mine, and downloading the latest version of Comodo’s standalone firewall as a roundabout way of having an updated FW.


Yes, that is Comodo Internet Security. Read the page…

If all you want is the firewall, tell the installer not to install the AV.

I’m also on dialup and only want the firewall (though I also use the Reg Cleaner and the email certificates).

I moved from ZoneAlarm Pro after that Israeli outfit bought it and grew it from a small, clean, efficient little app into a bloated monstrosity that never again worked properly. (Up until the time I left it anyway)

Now it’s deja vu time (again?) it seems. Once again a perfect, neat, efficient firewall program is being force-fed into a “New - Improved, one size fits all,” firewall, anti-virus, anti-malware, anti-matter, anti-social, etc, etc, that takes forever to download because of its vast size and because THERE’S NO RESUME FACILITY. When, that is, - it’s not giving you some bull about ‘Error 109’ (internet connection failed) - which comes under the heading of ‘Lies, Danged Lies, and Statistics’ (and it’s NOT statistics!).
Actually, I haven’t managed to successfully download it yet, so am still on the 3.8 version.

If something ain’t broke then you really don’t need to fix it do you? Sigh …

Makes you wonder if there really IS a Dog!

No resume facility? Yikes for all people on slow connections… :-\

LOL…dial up. I am on a 6MB DSL connection and have been for at least 5 years now. Average download speeds of about 600-800 KB/sec. I can download CIS in about 2 min or less.

Sure, and your upload speeds are perhaps 1/3rd of that?

Broadband just seems: a waste of money (dial-up’s cheaper in my area), and, a gigantic security risk (if and when your PC is compromised, your data zips over to an intruder 100-120 times faster than mine would on dial-up). Besides, I think with broadband, that’s usually ‘on’ all the time (dial-up’s only on when my phone line’s free). I’d have trouble getting to sleep, knowing my PC’s potentially hooked up continuously on the internet, even in ‘standby’ mode.

Yeah, I think the solution here is just keep uninstalling Comodo’s firewall maybe twice a year and reinstall (just the firewall portion), in case they’ve actually done some sort of real update (and aren’t just flogging their whole software suite via the “update” alert).

Every extra bit of software, is just one more thing to go wrong or have a compatibility issue.


ps. If I had broadband, there’s way more sites I’d visit (I already feel I need to get a life outside my PC, dial-up at least helps bore me enough to get up and out sometimes).

EricJH - Exactly matey!

Vettetech - And an honourable mention for you too Mon Ami. I really want to thank you for that extraordinarily illuminating, useful, comforting and lets face it, - very thoughtful post! It’s people like you - selflessly helping their fellow voyagers over the bumps and potholes of Life’s rocky roads - that really make all the difference in this harsh and unfeeling world! I sincerely hope that St Peter made a mental note of your generosity of spirit for when you come “Knock, knock, knocking on Heavens Door” on that ‘Final Day’.

It was very much appreciated! - No really! >:-D

And I mean that most sincerely folks!

NB. If it was down to me it might be a case of “You keep a’knockin’ but you cain’t come in!” :slight_smile:

But wait!

I’ve now found that if I download the latest 3.9.95478.509 version direct from the Comodo site (rather than trying to update via the 3.8 version I already have installed) then there IS a resume facility so my IDM download manager can stop and restart as required. (Which is kinda useful considering the estimate for an ‘uninterrupted’ download is about 3 hours and 40 minutes on dialup. - Whew!)

I do believe the sun’s come out. Isn’t that a Blackbird singing? - and I’m sure that Vettetech must be a very fine person indeed when you get to know him/her better!

Mind you, I still reckon it’s a helluva download when all you want is a firewall! 88)

And this helps how? 88)

People complain that the files are too big. Hell even people over at Norton were whining about large files. Well 'HELLO". Its 2009 and 80% of the world is on high speed internet. So asking companies to change the file size to accommodate the small majority of people who are still on dial up is absurd. You cannot blame Comodo for your slow connection.

One thing is slow connection, the other is big, unoptimized signatures and flawed design.

I ran trough a lot of Security Suites recently and my god how fast they bloat :o

No, but it never hurts to remind any company that a portion of their users still use older technology and it’s not a bad idea to be sensitive to that…

When I was on dial up, I stopped using some software due to the huge downloads they expected me to do. Granted, if the dial up users are using the free version, Comodo likely doesn’t care if they stop using CIS or not. But if they are “Pro” subscribers, Comodo could be losing revenue if a customer gets frustrated by file size.

Excuse me…Your speaking of all companies such as Avira,Symantec,McAfee and Kaspersky. These companies are all growing. The are changing with the times. Comodo is changing. So you should also. Keep up with the times or get left in the dust.

20% are on dial-up(?), “small majority” (say, what?).

Anyway, the gist of what you seem to be saying is: don’t blame Comodo, get broadband.

Heh! Slow (actually impossible, when the ‘pause’ doesn’t work properly) download is only part of the problem.

Your suggested solution doesn’t address: cluttering up my PC with unwanted programs (I have an AV, thank you very much, and Comodo’s AV is, to put it politely, still very much in its infancy – why should I risk taking on something when I just want a simple firewall kept up to date??),

and, misleading users by calling Comodo’s CIS merely a needed “update” for Comodo’s Firewall is of course fraudulent (imo).

Hello? I do think Comodo’s credibility suffers from such shenanigans.


LOL…cluttering up your pc. Again we see a joke here. Just about every pc now a days comes with a 200 gig hard drive or more. So unless your hard drive is a 5 gig or smaller why are you concerned about the file size of Comodo. If you want more space then simply use the Windows disk cleaner utility. Or get a bigger drive. Hell I have 2 180 gig hard drives in a road with a 500 gig external drive. My Comodo folder is 201 MB. So what.

Bloatness can’t be excused by saying - get a bigger drive. >:( Security apps should be as small and as efficient as possible (every app should be like that) and not friggin monsters.

My CIS folder is 108 MB

Cocktail - I agree with you absolutely!

HeffeD -

When I was on dial up, I stopped using some software due to the huge downloads they expected me to do.

Yep - that’s why I stopped using Sunbelt CounterSpy

Vettetech - Even though I feel I know you better now, I’m afraid I’m starting to go off you again! >:-D

Broadband may be broadly penetrated in Western countries (I am from the Netherlands) it so is not in non Western countries; think Russia and Eastern European counties for example; I guess we could include parts of Asia as well. But even in the USA in parts, I guess the big relatively empty area in the middle, quite a few folks are still on dial up.

So, it makes absolute sense to remind software makers about it. I am on a fast ADSL 2+ connection but I do remember starting with dial up 7 years ago.

Gentlemen stay on topic and don’t start a useless discussion about bloat. That is more suited for the Off topic board.