Comodo firewall Update question

Hello all:

Everyday when I turn on my computer, I get a message from Comodo:

“Updates from Comodo launch pad are available. Do you want to download and install?”

At this time I do not want to update my firewall. Is there any way to prevent the software from asking me this everytime I turn my computer on? I’ve even gone to the “Activity” tab and then to “advanced” and unchecked “Enable auto updater” thinking this might solve the problem, but it does not.

Any ideas on how to disable this “update” annoyance?


Uptadate launch pad is no update for firewall.
I recomend you install update for launchpad,then you’ll can dissable launchpad icon
But if you don’t wan’t the message of update, in launchpad systemtray icon you click with left button’s mouse and in options dissable this option.
Sorry my very bad english

For the past week I have been getting the update reminders, and every time I do, I select DOWNLOAD AND INSTALL UPDATES.

The software begins downloading and runs through the whole process, and reboots, yet I continue to get the nag screens telling me there is a new update available. I have repeated the process three times. No joy. Every day it tells me again that there are new updates available. I appear to be stuck in a loop, in a loop, in a loop, in a loop.

Can someone tell me how to fix this broken record?? Do I need to completly uninstall and start all over with the new version?

Can you please tell what is the LaunchPad version in use?

I recently installed the COMODO Firewall. When I try to update the software by click on the Update button and press on the start button. It says coudnt find an Internet Connection. I’m connected to the Internet via a Wireless LAN. Does that make any difference? I have an AVG Personal Firewall… and it is due for expiry next month. so thought of trying this… BUt the most important update process doesnt seem to happen at all… And whenever i try to submit some file for analysis to COMODO it says no internet connection dedected… any idea what cud be the problem… AVG had worked fine on my laptop over WLAN…


2 Firewalls just don’t mix together. You’re not suppose to run 2 FWs on a single machine at the same time. Too many reasons why not.!