Comodo Firewall Unable to Remember setings

Just wondering when you will actually implement the remember answer function in Comodo Firewall?
Is does not work as of yet and needs to be fixed. It does not work in windows XP or Windows 7.
I have checked the remember box so many times over and over on the same application and it does not work at all.
I am a 20 year computer tech with my own business and into internet security setup and virus and spyware removal.
I got away from Zone Alarm firewall years ago because they had the same problem they could seem to never fix and now it seems Comodo has the same issue,

I want to have a working security product for my customers and I was recommending Comodo but with this aggravating issue people are not wanting to us it. I have had multiple customers complaining including myself.

Any idea when you will fix this software?