Comodo Firewall (Un)Install & Yahoo Email Problems

I bought a used computer with comodo firewall (version 1.2) and AVG on it. It has windows xp op. system also. when i try to download, it says my security system wont allow it. when I try games on it says my security wont allow active x. how do i disable or manage this problem in order to accomplish what i want to do?

G’day jas and welocome to the forums,

I would strongly recommnend that you download the latest version of the firewall from

Version 1.X, as good as it was, is about 18 months out of date. The latest version is much easier to install and configure and this is the version that we all know and can provide support for.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Hello, I wanted to download the updated version of COMODO from the link you suggested. It did not allow me to. I think the version thats currently on my PC is noy allowing me to down load anything…I cant even access or open my email either.

Hi Jas. I deleted your other thread because it was a duplicate post of this one. Have you tried to uninstall the current and then install 2.4? If you have troubles take a look at this:
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[b]Install & Uninstall - Issues & Resolutions[/b],302.0.html,1184.0.html,5326.0.html

I uninstalled comodo, and finally my email is trying to come through. I am unable to see the email page at all on Yahoo. It gives me a message saying: If you are seeing this blank page, your browser settings prevent you from automatically redirecting to a new URL.

Try installing the newest stable release now. Does your email work now?