Comodo firewall troubles


First I want to say, that COMODO Firewall is one awesome peace of work. As I’m developer myself I think I know, how much great and hard work are done for that software. So keep up good work.

But… (yes I know)

I installed firewall to my XP home system, and the firewall worked great - even too great. Although I can’t consider myself as a expert on knowing network, I think at least I know and understand a little bit more than an average user. I have a small home network here (XP with this firewall installed, a linux server, a dreambox sat-tv turner (basicly another linux machine) and a windows laptop) and I coldn’t figure it out quickly how to configure the firewall so, that I can do a ftp connection from XP to linux, or share a folder between windows comps. Tryed to create some zones and add/remove rules but no result. Just turned of the firewall for that moment. OK I know this have nothing to do with firewall, just I am probably too stupid.

Another more serious problem I had, was that suddenly (didn’t change a thing) firewall was starting to use much CPU power, and HD activity was like some virus scanner searching for viruses with maximum priority. And that behavior got worse and worse every day. Finally (on third day I think), after 5 minutes waiting, I managed to open task manager, and average CPU usage for firewall process was about 25%. And the HD cracle like crazy. My computer was slower than first 086. The firewalls own user interface took about 10 minutes to open. I read from this forum, that It could be something about self learning or something, but I couldn’t use my computer anymore, even to configure the firewall. It took me more than an hour to open add/remove programs and uninstall it.

At the moment I’m sad, really sad, because as long It worked, It did great.

I really hope that this is a small bug or something, and I will certainly try it again soon.

PS. Sorry about my bad english.

Cul, sorry to hear you had problems with the CFP on your computer. Here are a few settings that, if you choose to reinstall CFP, will make CFP go easier on your hard-drive and CPU:

Defense+ → Advanced → Defense+ Settings → Monitor Settings
- Uncheck “Protected registry keys”

Miscellaneous → Settings → Update
- Uncheck “Automatically perform an online lookup for the unrecognized files”

Firewall → Advanced → Attack Detection Settings → Miscellanous
- Uncheck “Do protocol analysis”

Of course, performing those changes can result in a decrease of the security level, and as long as you understand the risk, the choice is yours.