Comodo Firewall thoughts

Currently there are two flavors of Comodo’s Firewall: Free and…

That’s right. Actually there is only one flavor - the free one which only partially works and the non-free version is only available by buying the entire suite.

I realize that there have been many people in the past who have suggested this - but I’d like to suggest it again.

There should be at least two flavors of Comodo’s Firewall program: Free and Paid. Since Comodo gives away the free version (and THANK YOU for doing so because I use it) - why not have a kind-of free version that simply gets rid of the ads? Comodo could make a $5.00 a year version (or maybe $12.00 a year) which provides you with all of the updates and everything else but without the ads.

It would even be better if Comodo had three versions available: Free - No Ads - Commercial/Complete. They would cost : Nothing - $5/$12 per year - $20.00 per year.

This change would not impact any of the pre-existing items and just ads two new areas on to what Comodo already does.

Why the change? The Free version does not seem (for whatever reasons) to allow you to run something like a web server. At least - on my system - I have never been able to get the free firewall program to allow me to run a web server and to reach that web sever from a different system. Tried it several times - never go it to work. That’s ok with me - I use a different firewall program that is not as good on that system. I’m sure you who are reading this are going to ask “Why don’t you just use the entire suite?” It is because I happen to like Avira and SuperAntiSpyware. Using these three I feel my system is safe (ie: Comodo/Avira/SAS on the rest of my systems) and I know this because for some reason hackers have been trying to break into my systems for the past three years and they have not yet succeeded thanks in large part to Comodo/Avira/SAS. I also found and plugged up some holes in my router.

So the free version won’t handle my needs on the web server and the commercial version will (according to posts here and elsewhere) but I just want the firewall and currently there is no way to just buy the firewall. I am also out of work presently and really understand the need to reduce costs. But I’d like to help support Comodo and the work it is doing. Thus the low cost for the free version. After all, a dollar a month is not a lot to ask for peace of mind and it gets rid of the ads. I have six computers - so five of them are personal usage (ie: $60.00) and one of them is the web server (so $20.00) and that I can take out of my unemployment pay and send it to Comodo - if the company did this.

So I am putting in a wish that Comodo would do this. After all - it brings in money, makes happy people, and everyone gets a great product.



You can disable the ads through the advanced settings.

You most likely have a “block all inbound traffic” in the global rules which makes the firewall block the incoming connections to your web server.

Sorry for the vague information, on tablet and hate typing on it, if you need I can try giving more in-depth information/instructions when I get back to my desktop.

Some of the ads are not so bad. One of them offered me $5 toward any Comodo product just for having CIS installed. You can easily shut them off.

The Free and Paid versions are exactly the same. With the paid versions you pay for extra services.

When your web server does not function you may not have set up the firewall properly. Please start a topic in the Firewall Help - CIS board.