Comodo Firewall Taskbar ico message.

Hi guys. I want to know, if somebody know, why somes days the Comodo firewall icon in the taskbar display me, all day long, a message like this: “Comodo Firewall Pro is starting…” An another days a message something like that: “Comodo Firewall is running…all the applications, or process, are running…etc.”

¿Is this normal?

Win XP Home Edition SP2, fully updated, spanish version: CA antivirus; Comodo Firewall

There is a cosmetic glitch with the tooltip. Check out this thread:,7255.0.html

There are a couple links there, to other similar threads.

A couple things users have found helpful:

Interact with the Security Level by right-clicking the FW’s systray icon; you may not even have to change the setting, it seems.

Clean the startup file of extra programs, and/or use a startup manager to control the load order on login.

Hope this helps,