COMODO Firewall takes a while to start up


Sometimes when I turn my laptop on COMODO will take a while to start up. The process is running on task manager but the actual program isn’t running. When this is happening I have very limited access to the internet I cannot access anything that isn’t Google related and no programs can connect to the internet.

When COMODO comes on eventually then i get internet access. Is this normal?

I also run AVAST! Antivirus but the firewall is turned OFF.

This also doesn’t happen all of the time.

Most likely Comodo don’t get on with Avast on your system… Try using only one security suite… And report back if you still have such problem…

I shall try this when I can, only thing is, If i get rid of AVAST! I no longer have an AV just a firewall.

If the issue isn’t fixed by getting rid of Avast then you can most likely install it again, but if it is fixed by getting rid of Avast then you can, if you want, use Comodo’s AV.

if you have a problem with avast free antivirus and comodo firewall then you can try to use only comodo internet security premium version. which is much better than avast free version, comodo internet security premium is all in one security suite for free, and if you don’t like to use cis and want to use combine security for your pc then may be you face some problem with it on your pc. so choice is yours.