Comodo Firewall Suggestions

OK - I’ve been using Comodo Firewall (v3) for quite a while & prefer it to other firewalls (despite a few problems with Game system access) - I thought that I’d like to point out a small flaw that I wish to be remedied

I have recently had to reinstall several programs & of course ‘Comodo Defences’ has recorded ‘files for your review’ as normal

Once finished this was a massive 2036 files long !!!

Now admittedly most were for the programs I installed (Pinnacle/Avast etc) but there’s no way of ‘mass select’ other than [ALL] these files - so I had 2 options

i) Either go through & click/select EACH file I knew about (e.g files in Pinnacle folders) & wanted to move to ‘My Safe files’
ii) Select [All] then go through & UN-Select all the ones I didn’t want to move to ‘My Safe Files’
(I did it this way & there were 650 files I was unsure about - that’s 650 individual Un-selects I had to do)

There is no: Select a file > Hold [Shift] > Select last file - to select a GROUP of files

Can’t we at least have maybe a:

Select File > Right Click > ‘Select all from this company’ option > & all files with the SAME 'Company ’ name are selected at once

If you put D+ in Safe Mode then you don’t need to deal with this.

Thanks for the tip - I’ll give that a try but I admit it STILL would be nice to be able to ‘group select’

I will be honest I’ve never even LOOKED at altering Defence+ & Firewall Settings - they’ve always been on their default settings & since I don’t know what’s what I 've never risked changing them

I’ve now got both Defence & Firewall both set to ‘Safe mode’