Comodo Firewall Suggestion


I really enjoy the comodo products and it is one of the best security products comparing to other in my opinion…

Suggestion though. When you disable the AniiVirus; Defense; or firewall module, can it be possible to disable them for a time period? For example 30 minitues.


Yes. I mean a build-in timer after which it should automaticlly re-enable itself.
I know the comodo firewall can’t do it and that is way I said: “suggestion though” (:CLP)


Advantage: Could Solve “Full screen gaming issues”, etc.

Disadvantage: Could expose you being vulnerable, Cause if you set it to auto turn off or whatever for any CIS component, it can be bad since both Firewall, Defense+ & AV all play a roll in protecting your PC.

Bottom Line: I don’t think it’s necessary since CIS is getting more and more usable and you will not need CIS to auto enable and disable stuff for you, it should be done manually.


Hi Josh,

Sorry, I mean that for the small duration the firewall; AV; D+ is disabled. In other words it will be a usefull feature when installing/testing something new. It should just be enough to complete a task after which the firewall or AV should re-enable itself. This is more secure that turning the firewall off and forgetting about it.

Thanx (:LGH)