Comodo Firewall stops applications from being executed[V6]

Did that make any difference? Has the problem re-emerged yet?

Okay, I’ll assume that the problem has not re-emerged. I’ll thus move this to Resolved.

If you experience the problem again just respond to this topic and I’ll move this back to the main bug reporting section.


Sorry for the long delay.

I never had the issue again, everything working fine, all Comodo services are enabled. I was so afraid I’d need to use another firewall!

I finally made a full Windows backup. I didn’t note which version I was using before, in HD I have Spybot 16.2 from 2010 and Spyware Blaster 4.3.

After full backup I just installed Spybot 2.1.21, everything is working fine for now.

That’s great to hear.

If the issues re-emerge let me know and we’ll figure it out.


Thanks again. Till now no issue at all.