Comodo FireWall Stops all connection with the internet.

I use Opera Browser (v9.1), AVG free Ant-virus (v7.5.428), and Defense Wall (v1.73) on Windows XP (SP2) with success. When I added Comodo Firewall (v2.3.6.81) I was unable to access the internet. I wonder if Comodo conflicts with Defense Wall, or if I have to make an adjustment for it in Comodo’s setting? I did set: skip Advanced Security Checks for AVG’s email scanner application (avgemc.exe) as recommend in the FAQ. This was to no avail.

Thank you

I wonder if Comodo conflicts with Defense Wall
I don't know if that's the problem, however if Defense Wall is a firewall (I don't know it) I think I remember that when I installed Comodo the setup program clearly stated that I had to remove other possible firewall installed first.

Like you, I use Opera (8.54), AVG and Comodo (same versions as you).

DefenseWall is a HIPS.It provides a virtual space for whatever programs might be vehicles for malware to operate, example a browser, email client, IM, etc. When the internet session is over, all the data in that virtual space from the operation of those programs is disposed of, leaving no trace of it on the computer. I wonder what status I should give it in Comodo?

Thank you