Comodo Firewall Stopping the computer help!!

I have one pentium 4 , 2.8 ghz , G-force 256 mb , 512 mb ram , its my computer , i install nod 32 and comodo , but my computer stopping all times, when stop the computer for and not return more, therefore I have that to restart and when he restarts happens the same thing to catch is need to restart one 3 times(and sometimes more) for running perfect , I uninstall comodo and the computer came back to the normal , will be some conflict between nod32 x comodo? and as to decide this problem? I have more new version of comodo.

Sorry my english its bad :wink:

Welcome to the forum!

What OS do you use? WinXP?

What does the logs in Comodo Firewall say?

When you say “computer stops” do you mean the computer freeze/hang ?

yes, i use windows xp , and my computer freeze and dont back more , you understand?
Help please =)

I have nod32 2.70.23 + comodo 2.4 + spy sweeper

my computer is ok … weird


No conflicts with nod32 and CFP for me. I even uninstalled both, then installed CFP first, and then nod32. Nothing unusual between the two (except for the initial slow on-demand scanning due to memory scanning of cpf.exe, which is run-time packed)