Comodo firewall stealth ports

Hi, I have installed Comodo Firewall, if I do some tests to see if ports are stealth, I get mostly stealth and three closed.

How could I stealth these ports?, 53, 139 and 445?

Thank you :wink:

I read opinions of different IT techs that actually stealth = blocked, and stealth is not hidden. Though I prefer to stealth `em anyway.

Open firewall tasks and select stealth ports then in the dialog click block incoming connections.

It works if use p2p programs?

You can still use p2p applications with the ports stealth but if you want to allow incoming connections to the p2p application, you then need to create an allow IN rule for the port it is listening on, and have it above the block rules under global rules section and create a the same allow IN rule for the application itself under application rules.

How are you connecting to the internet? Are you behind a router or do you connect directly to the internet with a modem without a router?

I connect to the Internet with a modem, the router will have to another pc …