Comodo Firewall starts after other programs on wake up

When I put my PC to sleep and then wake it up, CFW starts after some programs are already started. My example is Skype. I’m blocking Skype ads with CFW, but they showed up again today, because of CFW slow start. Can I make it to start first somehow?

Not that I know of, if you restart skype are the ads gone? (Just to make sure the firewall rules aren’t outdated) If so then I’d suggest creating a bug report since CFW should be effective relatively early while the GUI may take a while to show up, if the protection itself takes a while to start up after sleep then that’s probably a bug.

I’ve already deleted config files of Skype cause even if ads disappear, there’s a blank space left after them. But yes, the rules are fine, cause I don’t see them now.

Edit: Or…could it be the good old https issue? I though it was fixed in I am blocking “” host and all incoming connections.

Are you blocking via webfilter or firewall rules? If I remember correctly blocking hosts via firewall rules works so so, can’t remember exactly what the issue with it was but I think it was something. I don’t know if webfilter would even filter ads in skype? Perhaps someone more knowledgeable with Skype and hosts can help you, I rarely use either.

They appeared again when started Skype, this time not after wake up. I guess CIS can’t block HTTPS. Host address is in my blocked zone. I’ve never had this problem with ZoneAlarm, so I guess I’ll change my firewall. I really like the HIPS part, but that’s disappointing.

The issue is that most likely with the hostname resolution of Comodo only resolves hostnames once per session.

Firewalls are not content filters.

Your better off try a webfiltering approach or simply adding to %SystemRoot%\System32\drivers\etc\hosts

But same approach works with every other firewall I tried.

Will this issue be addressed in v 9 or I should give up?


I no longer allow my computer to sleep.
Doing so, upon wake up, kills my audio, forcing me to reinstall the drivers.

We expect a beta release this quarter. I would not get my hopes up high about your wish though.