Comodo Firewall Splash Screen

Apologies if I have put this in the wrong place … newbie, finding navigation here a bit complicated.

I`m running Comodo Firewall free (thank you Comodo), but I have a small problem and would be grateful for your advice.

Since updating (automatic) to version 3.8.64739.471 the firewall splash screen appears at startup. Looking in msconfig Startup, I see I have two cfp boxes ticked and I wonder if unticking one of them would prevent the splash screen coming up every time or would this disable something critically important?

Having heard that Ccleaner Registry Cleaner would fix the problem, I tried that but could find no reference to Comodo or cfp in the list of invalid keys.

Any advice most gratefully received.

Further to the above, I think the unwanted appearance of the splash screen may have been caused by the two cfp startup keys in msconfig, where no difference in name between them is listed.

Using the Tools/Startup section of Ccleaner I found there were three references to Comodo: Firewall, Safe Surf and Comodo Internet Security. Why this last should appear there when I have only the Firewall isn`t clear.

In any case, I disabled CIS from Startup and hopefully this will have stopped the unwanted appearance of the splash screen. (This action has moved the second cfp to the bottom of the list in msconfig and removed the tick from the box.)

CFP startup was from before you updated. CIS is the more recent. Both are essentially the same thing. Your removal of either one of them will most likely resolve your issue.
(personally, I would have kept the more recent and removed the former. That is just me).

Dennis 2 (Mod), thanks for the move to the correct place.


Thank you for your response. I opted for disabling CIS from start-up because I dont have Comodo Internet Security, only the Comodo Firewall Pro, which is still enabled and started normally without bringing up the splash screen as I hoped it would do. (Its labeled cfp in msconfig, as is the CIS startup key. Only in Ccleaner Tools/Startup is it called CIS.)

Unless Ive seriously misunderstood, and CIS is part of Defence+ , I thought I had done the right thing but from your response, Im not so sure now.

The reason for this is twofold: firstly, Comodo reports all systems are active and running which I dont think it would do if I had disabled something crucial. Secondly, Ive just had notification of an update (10.40 GMT), which is called “a CIS update”. Ive not installed it because (again), I dont have CIS and it seems to me there would be no point or purpose in installing such an update and it might even bring back my unwanted splash screen at startup again.

I`ve probably got this all wrong, though, and would really appreciate some clarification.