Comodo Firewall - Slow to unblock / approve (Safe Mode)


I have been using Comodo Firewall for about a year now, I have version
I run it in safe mode, so everything new that needs access asks, and I allow it or block it etc.
When this happens, some programs time out as it can take 20+ seconds for the approval to go through.
Likewise when it blocks something incorrectly, and I go to unblock it, it can take minutes to happen. During this time, everything else on the PC basically stops, I cannot open new programs while Comodo is unblocking something totally unrelated. Some things are fairly fast to unblock, but some things are ridiculously slow.
I run a fast 6 core i7 machine with 32GB of RAM, SSD drives etc. There is no reason for things to go slow.

It is getting worse, each update seems to make Comodo slower. Its the approving/blocking and unblocking of programs that is driving me a little insane, just how slow it is.

Can anyone help or has anyone seen this also?


Hello WanaGo,

Thank you for reporting.We will check this and notify you.

Kind Regards,