Comodo Firewall signals "only" private network to connect?

Hello to all

I have installed comodo free firewall version 4 with installation full and had a curiosity that is not successful to remove to me: comodo firewall I have seen to the others->settings->general option it has the active voice “finds new private nets automatically”.
In fact has marked the 169 to me. That is the private address Apipa di Microsoft.
For private nets it intends: 10.0, etc 192,168 etc, 172. etc etc and on saying 169?

I ask to you because being connected directly through the modem of my provider that assigned an ip to me through DHCP not it has been marked like found net.

This task is right because an ip of my provider is not of private net but other products I have seen the nets signal all to which you couplings and then ask you if you want to catalog them and to memorize them in the configuration like private, public etc etc….

There is an explanation to this present difference in comodo respect that I know to the same firewall of vista/7 that as soon as you couplings in net wonder you of that net draft? The same thing is worth for Kaspersky from tested me.

Thanks to all

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The 169 range is also one of the private IP ranges. When it emerges it means your computer does not see a DHCP server or network to connect with. It often means your modem is down or a wire is not connected (properly).

When using your computer on just a cable modem, with no router I assume, you can disable the search for local networks under More → Configuration → General.

Apparently it is a typical Comodo function. It is made to easily make a local network trusted.

Thanks soo mutch for your replay but my question is about specific doubt:

my provider give to me an anddress with DHCP and this address is 23. ecc ecc ecc .

Is normal that Comodo not signals “new private network?”

I think is normal because 23. ecc ecc isn’t private address; do you confirm or not? What do you think?

Thanks soo mutch.

You are right. The 23.x.y.z is not in a private range. So Comodo will not signal a new private network.