Comodo firewall Shuts down windows 10

I got a pop up that said ccleaner want to change firefox’s settings. I hit OK, and immediately after windows 10 shut down.So weird. Is there a way to disable this feature?

Unlikely cfw is causing windows to shutdown, but you can turn off browser protection from advanced protection

Does this happen each time you run ccleaner?

I just ran Ccleaner now(And it shut down) and no pop up from COmodo, so I now think it’s Ccleaner? So it must be deleting some file that causes a shutdown

You may want to have a look at the Piriform Forum . . there are numerous comments and queries about the browser settings / warning and with Comodo users. Since Avast took over, the addition of various ‘options’ seems to be causing a lot of problems. The comments I saw, involved Browser Monitoring changes, adding Toolbars and installing Chrome among other things!

I did have the warning a couple of weeks ago after a CCleaner update, but I’d never let an unknown change settings on a system. That was with the 64 bit version as well. Needless to say I rarely use it now, unless for testing

Thanks for all your help guys, I solved it. I feel so stupid, as I had shut down computer in the advanced settings for Ccleaner.

Again thanks so much for your help……

Glad it worked for you . . .

Hi Guys, I know it’s not the right section but I have to ask you a question: but do you use CCleaner? On my PC CIS 10 blocks it and I do not know if it is better to unlock it.

It’s a personal choice really. It has its uses for certain things, but a previous 32 bit release did have some ‘malware’ with it, soon after Avast took it over. It was quickly cleared and updated and the 64 bit wasn’t effected

If you want to install it, add Piriform as a Trusted Vendor, or unblock the application itself, when the warning comes up

Hi Ploget, can I ask you if you trusted CCleaner?
I had read the malware history and now I no longer know whether to trust it or not

Yes I have, but it’s the paid 64 bit version. I still always wait to update until some review sites have checked it out first!

OK thanks. So I will trust CCleaner :-TU