Comodo Firewall Settings

For the fairly average or above average user is there any tutorial or manual that is self explanatory in setting this firewall and IS suite up. I just installed it and let it run and something tells me that there has to be a little more to this Firewall than set it and forget it. This has way more settings than Windows 7 firewall so I’m going to think there has to be some way of setting this up. I also ran the Comodo Leak Test and the GRC leak test and one was 190/340 and GRC’s just failed. Now Comodo’s at best is 340/340 and I came nowhere close. I.m not looking for a sandbox type firewall, but if I want a 190/340 firewall I might as well just go with Win 7 right? I really hope there is a fairly simple way of setting this firewall up to be more secure as it is very well thought of in most reviews.

Hi julio99,

Here is the link to CIS user’s manual Comodo Internet Security, Antivirus protection, Firewall Software | Comodo Internet Security v5.9/5.10

You should also consider reading previous posts from other members, the answers given can help you figure out how to best configure the FW for your needs.

Here’s an article I wrote that could be some help. :wink:

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