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I tried comodo firewall once before and uninstalled it because I was confused by the making of rules. Is the settings that are default safe for usage or do you have to create rules? I have a home network and I plan to use the firewall only on the pc connected to the modem and router. Do I need to set up a zone for the computers and how do I do it?


The default network rules are safe and work fine. You’ll only have to create application rules.

Usually, you have to add your router’s IP-range to the trusted zone.
When you opened CPF GUI, clcik the ‘Security’ tab, then ‘Define a new trusted network’.
Now just finish the wizard, it usually adds your router’s IP-range by itself.
If it doesn’t your internal IP is displayed in the right corner when you open CPF GUI.
It’ll say like, then add to your IP-range.


Does it matter how wide a range the trusted zone numbers are or should they be limited to the IPs of the computers on the network? Also I am having trouble getting the firewall to remember the settings that I allow to access the internet. What can I do so the firewall will remember my settings?

Only the used IP-adresses are needed, like if you only have two computer, that uses the IP adresses 192.168.190-, you’ll only have to add them.

Do you check the ‘Remember my answer’ checkbox?


I have the block checked to remember my settings.

How 'bout this one?:
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