Comodo Firewall Series 3.9 vs 2.4

ROOOAAAARRRR!! I’M MAD!! Version 2.4 was as simple as simple gets. Yes it had a few bugs in it, but they were addressed. I recently uninstalled it after almost 2 years, and got 3.9 (the latest version). 3.9 is somewhat overcomplicated and OVERengineered. I have had issues with it that never existed with 2.4.
So many options. So complex. I am an individual with a 10th level intelligence, and even I am getting worn.
Just as I solve 1 prob, a week later, another pops up. While it’s necessary to be sophisticated to deal with today’s hackers and malware, most users would appreciate a bit more simplicity.
Few ppl LOVE Comodo like I do. I believe in this company, it’s CEO, it’s Integrity, and it’s message.
However,I continue to struggle with this latest Firewall’s complexities to the point where I wish I had just stayed with 2.4.

This intermittent problem with 100 or more Windows Operating System blocked intrusion attempts is driving me crazy. There is no way this should be happening. I fixed the problem weeks ago and occasionally it comes back!!

I am Doggone, Diddly On sick of these abberations. IF ANYONE HAS A SOLUTION TO THIS ISSUE, PLEASE RESPOND! I know I am not the only one with this problem as others have reported similar issues.
I’ve tried just about everything. What’s going on?

Most likely 2.4 worst than 3.9
But however my opinion thinks 2.4 is better in inbound protection. When 3.9 never block anything.

I hope CIS Ver. 4 will have simplicity in mind.