Comodo firewall seems to have forgotten everything

I’ve been using Comodo Firewall Professional version for months on my Vista laptop and the number of alerts and “Defense+ learning” popups had reduced to a very small number.

But a few days ago it has suddenly started to ask me for permission to allow applications that I’ve been using OK for ages! Also Defense+ is throwing out HUGE numbers of popups saying that it is learning about quite basic applications. For example, when I log in it says its is learning about login.exe and each time I log in it seems to be giveing learning messages that it said it had learned about last time.

So it seems to have lost all of its learnt information, and I suspect that it is not even storing its new “learnings” properly.

Any idea what is wrong, or how I can remedy the situation? These popups are driving me crazy.

Hi, don’t know what happened here but you’re using an old version of Comodo Firewall Pro. Now it’s called simply Comodo Firewall and you install it from the Comodo Internet Security installer:

Just uncheck Antivirus (in case you don’t want it) during installation, and you’ll have the latest version (3.5.57173.439) of Comodo Firewall.


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Thanks. The update seems to have sorted the problem.

Although I did not tick the Avtivirus option is did ask me if I wanted it to scan my PC - without thinking I answered yes and it then stated to download virus signatures. I didn’t want to interrupt it in case it stopped the whole install, so I let it continue but interrupted it when it was doing the scan.

Does this mean that I now also have the Comodo Anti-Virus on my PC? I don’t need it as I already have another Antivirus package. I searched the Comodo settings but couldn’t find any mention of Anti-virus, so I don’t know whether it is active or not.

The best way to see if you have the antivirus or not would be if the tab is there. See the attached screen shot!


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