Comodo Firewall Security Question

Hi! So I read that a new version the comodo firewall is out with new UI and everything so I decided to uninstall the old firewall and downloaded the new one.

By default the defense+ is not activated is this normal now? I am also using AVAST as my av and malwarebytes pro. Is it safe to not use defense + anymore?

It’s a newbie question but I just want some assurance that what I have is good w/o defense+ and if defense+ will just add more slowdown or conflicts with AVAST and malwarebytes.

I can’t help regarding your questions of software conflict, but as far as Defense+ goes, if you set up your CIS according to Chiron’s guide ( High quality HDMI cables in comparison - Gizmo's Best ), you shouldn’t need HIPS to be enabled.

Edit: Sorry, I thought you were talking about disabling HIPS only, not HIPS AND the Behavior Blocker.

Thanks! I will be reading the guide.

I hope somebody can answer if there is conflict between Avast’s overall real time shields with Comodo’s hips and behavioral blocker and will having those 3 activated slow down or cause problem for my games?

I think the avast web shield might not work with the Comodo Firewall. I have just heard this. I do not know from experience.