Comodo Firewall Security Alerts freezing

I have only just loaded Comodo Firewall. It appears to be fully active. I am using Windows XP Home. However, some of the Security Alerts I get (taking up the lower corner of my screen which I cannot move or remove!) advising me of programs attempting to connect to the internet freeze and allow me to do nothing with them. The CPU usage is low in Task Manager so there appears to be nothing preventing Comodo Firewall from operating.

I have read good reports for Comodo Firewall so I wish to give it a fair trial. However, if there is no solution I will have to look elsewhere.

Any suggestions?

This is the worst thing about comodo. I have the same problem. it is always in the way. I have it set to the lowest possible setting but it still stays up like more than a minute,but only if I check remember this action box.Must be making a rule or something I have stopped checking it and put up with the annoyance of clicking allow or deny everytime…

Have you tried lowering the length of time alerts stay on screen if unanswered?

Screen shot attached in case you don’t know where the setting is.

You should also try setting alert frequency to very low.


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