Comodo Firewall Secondary Private IP Address Detection FYI

Great day, folks!

There are sure to be many of you that already knew/know this. However, there are probably just as many that did/do not.
Surely, I am not the only one, so I wanted to share this for any other computer security noobs out there that may run into the same “issue”.

The Issue:

Today after rebooting my rig for the first time in several days, I got a notification from Comodo of a new network in the 192 range…yeah, I panicked a little especially since the network was a different subnet. I knew it wasn’t Automatic Private IP Addressing (APIPA) for two reasons, it wasn’t in the 169 range and my static internal IP is handled at the BIOS/UEFI level before Windohs is even acknowledged. I do have both ethernet and wifi adapters in my system, but very VERY rarely do I ever enable my wifi adapter and even then, it would have been on the same subnet and since it is also static and had previously been detected by Comodo there would not have been a notification. I checked anyway and sure enough, it was disabled. I quickly looked over the real and virtual adapters (I do have MANY) in my rig and I suppose in my increasing state of panic, overlooked the new virtual adapter there, but more on that in a sec. I then searched the net for anything related to Comodo detecting secondary private networks and the ONLY thing I found that was close but no not really was this article.
I thought to check the adapters again, this time checking each assigned IP individually instead of just looking for something new. I immediately saw the new adapter this time. It was named ‘VirtualBox Host-Only Network’. Boy, did I feel stupid.

The History:

Due to job and family, I rarely have the time all at once needed to learn about and then put into practice the things that interest me technologically. One of those being anonymity online (just using a VPN no longer feels safe) and the TOR network. So over the course of a few months, when I could spare the time and sleep, I have been researching what I need to know in order to safely navigate this network in order to keep my family safe and anonymous online. This inevitably led me to the deep web…not the dark web or darknet mind you. If you do not understand the difference, please go educate yourself before making some random out the side of your neck comment.
I recently (several days ago) installed Oracle’s VirtualBox in order to test a TAILS virtual machine, my first VM ever. A reboot was not requested and my initial test worked like a charm, so I just continued to run my rig as normal, rebooting every 5-7 days or so. Why Comodo did not detect the new virtual network then is a mystery, but it did not show up until after my reboot today.

The Takeaway:

If Comodo detects more than one private network in the 192 range, reboot and carefully check ALL network adapters before you panic! Perhaps you installed something that created a virtual adapter.