Comodo Firewall Scan my System not working? [Resolved]

Hi guys. I am fairly new to Comodo. I pressed “Scan my system” under the Defense+ tab. The scanner started but I have not seen any progress whatsoever. I only see the start time, total objects scanned: 0, and total infections found: 0.

Does the scanner actually work?

Comodo Firewall is installed on Vista Ultimate. I am also running Avast AV.


Are you logged on as an admin? Based on previous reports of this issue, you may need to turn off UAC by going to control panel/user accounts and/or check “run as an administrator” on the CFP shortcut and stop/start the firewall again.

I am logged in as admin. Disabling UAC does not help. I tried it. Still the same as before.

I have the same problem on my Vista computer, my other loaded with XP works OK. I’ve tried most everything, but the Scan my System will not start.

I found the problem. In my Vista PC, the file “bases.cav” was missing from the Comodo/Firewall/Scanners folder. The file is 6.14 meg in size and probably holds the virus definitions. I copied and pasted it from my XP computer, and now my Vista PC runs the way it should.

Hi freep45

Glad you got it working for you. You should have had the “bases.cav” in your Comodo/firewall/repair folder. It is placed there for purposes such as this. It is usually fixed by using diagnostics under miscellaneous.

metril - have you tried the repair function to see if this could possibly be your problem as well.


Hi John, yes the file is there in the repair folder, I didn’t check it originally but I’m sure metril will find it useful if the diagnostic procedure doesn’t fix it. I ran the diagnostic feature and it said my installation was OK. Thanks for the reply, Fred

Hi again. I have tried the diagnostics, but it keeps saying that everything is fine. I uninstalled and reinstalled Comodo. It seems to be working now.


Hi metril

Glad it’s working now.

I will mark this thread as resolved. If you need to reopen it PM me or another mod.