Comodo firewall rules not remembered on all user accounts in Windows XP?

I recently installed Comodo. I’ve been setting up a long list of rules for different applications in the firewall, logged in on my Administrator account in Windows XP. When I logged onto a limited account I noticed that none of the rules were there. Do I really need to create the rules separately for each user account? I’ve liked using Comodo so far but if this is the case…

Shouldn’t have to create rules for individual users unless the applications themselves are installed user specific.
The rules I create with my Admin account (I use Vista x64, btw) are available on the gf’s limited user account.

Unless just opening the firewall is counted as user-specific install, then no, to the best of my knowledge I haven’t done that. This is just so frustrating… Any idea as to where the problem might be?

I will retest this and let you know what I find.

Just retested this and it is functioning properly. Rules made in one account are reflected in the other.
The configuration files are located in Comodo/Comodo Internet Security (.cfg files).
Note I am using the x64 version on Vista x64, CIS