Comodo firewall [RESOLVED]


I installed CMD firewall V3 in my computerthen i tried to install adware 2007 in the same folder but when i was installing it adware 2007 deleted everything else in that folder including the Comodo firewall v3 so then i thought its deleted and i went to download it again but then when i was trying to install CMD firewall it said that its already installed in my computer and asked me if iwant to uninstall it i clicked yes but then nothing happend,so i thought aww its a glitch and then i went to get limwire but it does’nt work cuz i got my firwall on so i tirned the windows firewall of but it still does’nt work i checked the security center it says comodo firewall is on,so my question is how do you uninstall comodo dont tell me go to add/remove programs cuz i tried that and and clicked remove button but it said that its already uninstalled do you want it to be removed from the lists so yeah how do you uninstall it plz help me

Why on Earth did you install Adaware 2007 in the same folder as Comodo. Look here to remove Comodo.

LOL Trying to save space I guess

Don´t worry my first computer upgrade, I fried the PC trying to remove the the RAM to upgrade it to 16 K on a 386. Windows 3.0 had just come out and windows NT did not exist. I tried to pull it out with a pair of pliers. :-\ I knew something was wrong when i tried to turn it on and it would just shut off. I would have been all right, but I pushed the ON button 3 times. The third time I saw smoke and I knew something was wrong. :o Thank God the manufacturer did not ask questions they fixed it free, it was under guarantee. Sometimes that is how we learn then I took a course in PC repair.
just don’t do it again (:WIN)

PS just triying to build your confidence I my advice LOL (:TNG)

If you want to reinstall you need to say yes you want to remove it from the list then follow the instructions vettetech sent you

then reinstall


(:LOV) I freaking!!! love all of you that helped m!!! (:LOV) (:LOV) (:LOV) THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!


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