Comodo Firewall requires Windows Firewall running?

To get Kindle.exe to connect to the internet, I had to allow it in BOTH Comodo AND Windows Firewall.

So why do Comodo users have to configure BOTH Comodo Firewall and Windows Firewall? Is my Comodo Firewall not working?

windows firewall is very permissive;
comodo firewall protected PC!
if you suspect that your pc is not working, run the diagnostic tool and share it here

Please find diagnostics log attached.

your CIS is normal, just not connecting to the servers valkyrie and;
for a more comprehensive explanation wait for a statement from the development team :-TU

You must manually turn off Windows firewall for all three network profiles as the installer does not do this anymore for Windows 10 and an issue that they won’t ever fix.

OK, will do. I’ll write it up and post it on the forum, as other people might have missed this too. I’ll post it this weekend.

Why is this? It’s a ridiculous situation and impacts the credibility of this product.

I’ve been using Comodo on an off since 2006. I have yet to experience a version that works satisfactorily for me, but I keep coming back in hope.

I installed CFW again a few days ago on a Windows 10 laptop and noticed that I was still getting Windows Firewall prompts. When I manually disable WFW and reboot, the Windows security centre shows a warning sign for about two minutes indicating there is no firewall active. After a while this disappears.

Does Comodo support Windows 10 properly or not? If not, they should withdraw the product and Melih should stop messing the users around.

Not on my PC (Windows 10). Deactivated WFW and it remains deactivated. :embarassed:

I never manually deactivated Win 10 FW this last install. Win FW is rarely heard from and some users have said running both Win FW and CFW is not a problem. That said, Windows Security Center is reporting that Win FW is not active and that CFW is turned on. This is the case in all three profiles.

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Thank you for reporting and let me know your CFW version Please?
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Hi Dharshu,
As my sig shows I am using Comodo Firewall RC.

Thank you

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Thank you for your response,Let me check with my team and update you.

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