Comodo Firewall "removed" one of my systems!

I’m probably in the wrong part of this Forum, but never mind…

I installed the latest Comodo Firewall yesterday, and everything works just fine…almost!
Normally, when I restart my computer I should get the option to start from either my “Home”-system or my “Studio”-system. After installing CFW that option doesn’t appear anymore!!
I know that it probably might have to do with the Comodo boot.ini file, but I need help on how to get things “back to normal”. Being a musician, I need access to my studio every once in a while;-)

I’m not sure I completely understand. Is this a dual-boot PC or does “Home-System”/Studio-System" relate to something else?If it’s dual-boot, installing CIS shouldn’t have any affect of being able to select one or the other boot options.

I have two hard drives with two separate Windows XP, one on each HD. When I boot I can choose to start from either one, depending on what I want to do. The problem (that I tried to explain) is that I no longer have the option to choose. It automatically starts my Home system! I hope this clarified my problem…
All this is “connected” to my installation of the latest Comodo FW.

I find this very hard to believe, CIS should not cause this and I can’t image how it could have done this…

Can you please post the contents of the boot.ini file your talking about.
That should contain 2 lines to boot the different installs, it seems like the default one is now auto started instead of prompting you to chose.