Comodo Firewall Release 5.0.163652.1142

This latest automatic update refuses to recognize “Always trust this file or package” responses to Unidentified Publisher applications, and also refuses to recognize the presence of these .exe applications even after they have been ADDED to TRUSTED FILES, either through the “Browse Files” or “Browse Running Processes” ADD options. The previous version functioned perfectly, requiring a one-time addition to TRUSTED FILES. Now, regardless of how I respond, I get a Comodo Firewall Alert EVERY TIME I open these apps.

Whats new in 1142??

It seems to be the version when you upgrade from 4, nothing really new.

window now remembers its position. that’s not good anyway.

1142? My firewall still says 1135 and says it’s up to date.

Version number 1142 is for people who did the program update from v4.1. It is the same program as 1135. Comodo had to test the upgrade from v4.1 to v5; hence that's why the version count went up.

This is from EricJH.
I wonder why he moved the post but didn’t explain the situation (in this post, he did it in the one I’m quoting).
I’ve been wondering for the past two days about this “1142 update”.

In fact, considering this issue, I don’t understand why Comodo went the way of an “upgrade”. It didn’t go well, lots of users complaining.
Always best to go for a uninstall/clean install.
I know it can be tiresome to set everything up again. But thinking of the numbers of OS reinstalls I had to make (for this or that reason) a program reinstall is even a bit of fun.

They did it because many people didn’t want to do a clean install and lose all their rules and configurations. The fact is though, that you’re really better off with the clean install due to all the changes that were made in the way and amount of rules that even get created. The new version does a much better job of recognizing safe applications and Trusted Vendors and you wind up with a much smaller and cleaner set of rules than you’ve ever had before.

They should have done more in eliminating the confusion between version numbers though since there is no difference between them in terms of functionality.

Just a clarifying reply to prev comments. I was already running 4.1.15039.920 when, for some reason, the auto-update kicked in, automatically beginning an over-writing install of 1142, which resulted in Trusted Files assignments of Unidentified Publisher apps no longer sticking.

I have uninstalled 1142, and will attempt a clean install of the lastest September 14 release of the Comodo Firewall, which curiously has no version number indicated in any of the release notes at the Comodo Firewall download sight. Will report the actual version num upon install of September 14 release.

I would strongly recommend that Comodo identify its cfw_installer_x86.exe with an appended version number that clearly differentiates one version of the installer from another, e.g., cfw_installer_x86_1135.exe, cfw_installer_x86_1142.exe. Presently, regardless of version number installers are simply named: cfw_installer_x86.exe.

The September 14, Official Download from the Comodo Firewall site for Windows XP 32 bit systems is version 1142. If the cfw_installer_x86.exe download icon is a red shield instead of the gray-green shield, then the version is 5.0 1142. I cannot speak for the icon color of 5.0 1135, although I suspect it also shows a 5.0 red shield icon.

I have just completed a clean install of 5.0 1142, and have encountered the identical problems I cited when initially opening this thread. Unidentified Publisher OR Unrecognized apps DO NOT STICK even after being manually entered into the Trusted Files window. Removing and re-ADDING these apps, even after reboot, shows no change in Firewall behavior. They CONTINUE to be flagged on EACH open-app attempt, EVEN within the SAME SESSION, even when “Always trust this file or package” has been checked and the ALLOW button is clicked.

In another instance, with a thumbnail program I have used for years, that uses a built-in local Microsoft Access database, on attempted first Open following the 5.0 1142 install, completely froze the Windows desktop, so that NOTHING functioned, not even the START button. On a hard reboot, I found the program sitting in Unrecognized Files. Moving it to Trusted Files resolved the issue with this app, and the setting subsequently stuck.

In yet another instance, an Unidentified Publisher app, which I had manually placed into Trusted Files, and whose setting was NOT STICKING, I discovered on reboot now appeared in Unrecognized Files. Subsequent MOVE to Trusted Files, was successful, BUT even tho the app now showed successfully moved to Trusted Files, it made no difference. The setting was NOT STICKING, period.

And finally, with another app, using the new Firewall Tab shortcut function “Define a New Trusted Application” failed completely. Only when I manually added it to Trusted Files did the setting stick.

After CLEARING the checkmark from Auto-Check for Updates field in Preferences > General Tab, on reboot the field was again CHECKED.

Bottom line, with 1142 I am encountering problems all over the place with Trusted File additions simply NOT STICKING with Unidentifed Publisher or Unrecognized apps, items I have used successfully for years, and which I NEVER had a SINGLE problem with when using 4.1.15039.920. 4.1.15039.920 has functioned perfectly, and flawlessly for me, while 5.0 1142 seems riddled with bugs, that even a clean re-install did not clear up. In my judgment, there is something seriously wrong with 1142, on more than one front.

This is now becoming an exhausting venture, since I have no choice but to uninstall 1142, and re-install 4.1.15039.920, making sure this time that I turn auto-update OFF. The serious issue this poses with me, however, is that now, I dare not update the Firewall. Not a comforting long-term prospect. Hopefully any residue of 1142 will not contaminate a fresh successful install of 4.1.15039.920.

I have consistently used Defense+ Proactive-Safe Mode, with Unrecognized Files being treated as “Partially Limited”.

For the record my system profile is:
CPU: Intel Pentium 4 Northwood (1904 MHz)
Memory: 2048 MB
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 3 (Build 2600)
Graphics Card Vendor: ATI Technologies Inc.
Graphics Card: Radeon X1650 Series w 512 MB onboard ram
Windows Graphics Driver Version: 6.14.0010.6764
OpenGL Version: 2.1.7275 Release
libcurl Version: libcurl/7.20.1 OpenSSL/0.9.8j zlib/1.2.3

First, my sincere apologies to respondents here, I was indeed running 4.1.15039.920, NOT 5.0 1135 as I had previously, and erroneously reported.

I have successfully re-installed 4.1.15039.920, which is performing flawlessly, with all Unsigned Publisher and Unrecognized apps I have used for years, STICKING as “My Own Safe Files” first time around, exactly as one would expect. Not a single glitch or hiccup.

Which leads me to believe the 1142 update is somehow seriously flawed. If, as indicated in prev comments 5.0 1135 is identical to 5.0 1142 then for me, attempting to find and install 5.0 1135 is not a meaningful solution either.

My only counsel to those still running is to consider electing to turn Comodo Firewall’s Auto-Update function off, which for me involved two steps:

1 At the MORE > SETTINGS > GENERAL TAB, UNCHECK “Automatically check for program updates”

For the record, my computer is completely virus free, having completed a successful Avast Boot-Time Scan of all hard drives with 0 infections. Additionally, at no time did I either save or restore any firewall configurations.

Please excuse the verbosity of these listings. I am only attempting to accurately document this issue for whatever benefit it may have to this community.

CIS will not automatically update itself…

If you have it automatically check for program updates, it will let you know there is an update available and will ask if you want to install it. You then have to manually click the update button in order for it to start the update. The only updates that happen automatically are virus database updates.

Jean, sorry you have had these problems.

I strongly suspect that most or all of your problems with version 5 can be resolved with appropriate changes to settings.

If you wish help with doing this please do say.

Best wishes