Comodo Firewall refuses to update.

When trying to manually update Comodo Firewall, I am presented with an error. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling it, but there’s been no change.

Is this downlead for the Comodo Firewall still safe? Also, when selecting to install Internet Security Essentials, it does not install the program. When you try to download the program by itself it says that you must buy it. So, why does this link still exist and offer the free installation of Internet Security Essentials?

It’s the website database and is a minor server error which happens sometimes. It’ll probably clear up in an hour or so and doesn’t affect the Firewall function

If ISE has been installed in the past. it won’t install automatically again, even if chose in the Options. Have you checked that it isn’t installed? It is shown as a separate application in Control Panel. If it isn’t listed, the installation can be found in: C:\ProgramData\Comodo\ISE\ise_installer.exe