Comodo Firewall recognizes a network interface with the IP

In the configuration of my OS two network interfaces are listed:

  1. Lan with the IP 192.168.94.x
  2. Parallels Host-Guest Virtual NIC with the IP 10.37.129.x
    The IP addresses are manually assigned. The DHCP server of the router is deactivated.

But Comodo Firewall recognizes a third network interface with the IP There is an UDP-connection from the local IP to the remote IP The OS-file svchost.exe initiated this connection. Port 520 is EFS (extended file name server). If you google for the IP you will find hints at Parallels network interface. But why does Comodo recognize Parallels two times?

The address range to is a special address space referred to as APIPA (Automatic Private IP addressing) It’s used in zero configuration environments in the absence of a DHCP server.

if the firewall has identified this as a new Zone it probably because at some point a DHCP lease failed to be made available.