COMODO Firewall - reason of possible delay in opening pictures (ACDSee)


i use COMODO Firewall 5.12.256249.2599 on Windows XP Profeessional with NOD32 v4 antivirus. some time ago i quoted occasional massive delay in opening pictures. it does not occur at every time i double click to open picture. it ccurs irregulary circa at every 6th attempt to open picture with ACDSee 3.1. and the delay is about +/- 10 seconds. another attempts for opening pictures are normal (fast).
i have to note that long time it worked perfect - there was no delay. but since some time the problem mentioned above occurs. i have a suspicion that the problem came with some security update of Comodo Firewall.

for opening pictures i use programme ACDSee 3.1 (it is a bit older piece od software but for me it is perfect and i do not want to change it). i have a suspicion that it is caused with Comodo Firewall because it scans pictures before opening. no matter if i open pictures from Windows Explorer or Total Commander - the problem persists. also i have to mention that the problem does not occurs with my secondary picture viewer IrfanView.

and one important point in this matter. i have same configuration of software components - except COMODO Firewall - on my another PC which is offline and everything works perfect. so this argument points that COMODO Firewall is probably the real source of the problem.

what is the problem? is there some setting for scanning files, pictures? can i exclude some files as .jpg/.png/etc. from scanning in Comodo Firewall settings?
so can you help me, please?

many thanks,

-10 seconds? You mean the picture can open 10 seconds before you double-click it? ;D

ACDSee is a strange bird. Certain I/O intensive programs, can cause it to delay opening even if the I/O is on a different drive. I’ve never had problems with it from Comodo, however.


no with this “+/-” i meant “circa”:wink:

anyway, it does not occur everytime (as i described above). and tandem ACDSee 3.1/Comodo Firewall worked long time (2 years) without any trouble. i am nearly sure that it is caused with Comodo.

can anybody help? where can i change settings for exact files, where can i exclude programmes from scanning, etc?


It could be related to caching of images by ACDSee (assuming it uses caching). Could you check with task manager what happens when opening images after you have cleared ACDSee cache? See how much CPU resources are used by cavwp.exe or whether other processes go haywire.