Comodo Firewall randomly freezes Windows 8 Pro


I’ve just done a fresh install of Windows 8 Pro.

My only security softwares installed are GData Antivirus 2013 and MalwareBytes (the free version).

Furthermore I own a copy of TuneUp Utilities 2013.

I’ve tried to install Comodo Free Firewall (with Defense+) on my fresh installation. Comodo seems to work fine, however sometimes my computer freezes without any reason. This is irrecoverable.

By “freeze” I mean screen locked, keyboard and mouse irresponsive. I have to force shutdown computer by Power button. It can happen everytime, from using Comodo GUI to launching a program.

Yesterday I had to force shutdown the computer during Windows Update, causing a 0xc0000015 (if I remember well) BSOD on reboot. I was using the latest Comodo Firewall version (5). Once uninstalled, problems are gone.

What can I do ? During the installation, Windows warns me of some “incompatibilites” with the 8 version.

I would really like to use the software, for now I can’t.


Version 5.12 is compatible with Windows 8.

COMODO Internet Security 5.12.256249.2599 Released

I’ve downloaded the latest version from the Comodo Website.

I’ve just installed Comodo again, by launching the Setup.exe file in compatibility Mode (Windows 7).

For now everything works correctly.

I’ll come back soon :slight_smile:

If you need to install it in compatibility mode, it doesn’t sound like like the version being served from the website is 5.12 yet.

You can ensure you’re using 5.12 by downloading it from the link in the forum thread I supplied.

Now I’ve tried to install this version. Due to an issue “Comodo Firewall is initializing…” I have uninstalled again Comodo.

… The problem I face now is that I can’t reinstall Comodo. When I launch the setup program it asks me to reboot. When I reboot and I launch the program again, it asks me to reboot etc…

I’ve tried everything but I can’t reinstall Comodo. Logs are indicating that a “reboot flag” is found somewhere…

Please try following the advice I give here.


I’ve left my PC for a few hours yesterday, Comodo wouldn’t install. When I came back tonight, Comodo installed without any issue.

Anyway I am going to see if the issues occur again.


The issues still exist. Yesterday I had to force close my computer a few times once Comodo was installed.

For example, my computer froze when I tried to install Flash Player.

It’s working fine for a couple of minutes/hours and then it stops working : my computer freezes and I can’t do anything more.

May be there is a compatibility issue with your AV program. Please uninstall it, run the clean up tool as can be found here and see if that makes a difference.