Comodo Firewall Question

I was wondering how I can get Comodo Firewall to work properly on a private network, we’ve run /ping from a different computer and mine still responds when 4 packets have been sent and received, I don’t know a huge amount of things like this so I’d like to apologize if I’m been a bit of a moron but someone mentioned that it shouldn’t respond.

My brother has something called Private Firewall and we did the same with that and responded but with a loss on 4 packets sent and 3 received.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, I hope this is normal within a private network but I just don’t know enough.

Welcome to the forum.

When you say “I was wondering how I can get Comodo Firewall to work properly on a private network” may I ask what it is you actually want to achieve. It sounds like you don’t want to be able to communicate, at least to some extent, between devices on your LAN?

I’m using the stealth ports feature and it’s just someone said that it should be pretty much invisible.

For all I know the firewall is probably working OK but I’m just going on what someone told me.

If you’ve selected to ‘Block Incoming Connections’ by using stealth ports, it will do as it suggests, however, you also need to consider any additional rules used by the firewall. Typically, when installing CIS, there is a dialogue that asks about your environment, whether you’re at home, work or a public place. Depending how you answered this, for example, if selected ‘Home’, firewall rules are created that allows communication between devices on the LAN but not from outside.

If you can post screen-shots of your firewall Global rules and Network zones, we can see what you have.