Comodo Firewall Query

Hello People,

I have a query regarding “Comodo Firewall” . I have a Desktop connection where in i have WIFI installed with my ADSL modem and have a Comodo firewall installed in my system. I use the WIFI connection to browse through my Laptop. Now, my query is "Whether comodo firewall would protect my connection, even if the firewall app is not installed in my laptop, Will it do through Desktop firewall?

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Just to clarify. You have a desktop PC with CIS installed. The desktop PC is connected to the Internet via adsl. You have a laptop with wifi and it connects to the Internet via the desktop PC? Question, do you have a router or are you using Internet Connection Sharing, or is it something else?

Yup, I have a desktop Pc with CIS installed and the desktop pc is connected to internet via ADSL MODEM+WIFI Router. I do have a lappy which connects to the internet via WIFI.

Your laptop also needs CIS installed to be protected. Your desktop CIS installation doesn’t extend outwards, but stays locally on your installed computer.

If you want a central firewall to protect both the desktop and the laptop at the same time, you would then have to have a firewall on the router or a dedicated firewall infront of the router.

Hope this helps.