Comodo Firewall proves to be the "best" firewall in recent tests!

There aren’t many tests that you can do to test a personal firewall. The two that they commonly use to measure effectiveness of a firewall is

1)A Leak test : to see if your firewall leaks (:NRD)

2)A Termination test: to see if malware can kill your firewall in order to steal info

ok, who does these tests? How does Comodo score on these?

Well, here are the results! (these guys have done the latest tests on leak tests) (and these guys have done the tests on Termination tests)

As you can see, you made the right choice by going with the world’s best and highest security firewall!

Congratulations and please spread the word!


oh by the way: Can you please join our forums and help Comodo improve its products and help other Comodo community members. Thank you!

And that’s not even the latest Beta!

I know the Beta beats the Coat, how does it do against the termination tests that it doesn’t already automatically neutralize?


Well, there isn’t a termination test we fail upon… :wink: its just the way it gets reported…


Well done, and thanks for supplying such a secure product. (:CLP)

Agreed, there is no failure. (R) However, my thought is that the average user knows little about leak/termination tests. In real life, if something like this were to happen on their computer, and the firewall appears to crash/cause a system reboot/etc, they’re going to think the firewall faulted out and they were vulnerable.

I should have worded my question more like… “Does the current Beta release address any of the termination tests that caused the application/interface to close in an emergency mode, such that that response is no longer an issue?” (but that takes up so much space…) :wink:


Comodo Firewall is good!I am a chinese user. I hope the chinese version can be better!!

we have the Chinese beta version.

hopefully by 26th version 2.4 will be launched with many languages.
so you can try it then.



Welcome to the “English” side of the Comodo forums (I saw you have a post in the Chinese thread)! Are you involved with testing the CPF 2.4.x Beta? Beginning with, Chinese is included. If you are willing and able to work with the Beta in this way, you can help with improvements to that translation; I’m sure it will be much appreciated (some users have noted that there are translation issues).

The Beta Corner is here:,40.0.html

I must say though, that being a Beta product, it’s not at full release stage yet, and there may be glitches/bugs that make operation difficult.


Matousec’s released an updated analysis of firewalls and unfortunatelly CPF looses a lot of points. See more details

Comodo is one of the best firewalls, anyway, but there are a list of problems, some of them related as ‘serious’. Are they right? Some of problems will be solved on 2.4 final version?

2.4 have already solved some of them…


I agree it is an excellent firewall! wonderful protection, my only problem is the idea that you guys are going to incorporate a HIPS system within the firewall. I hate that idea personally because i absolutely hate HIPS programs. I think you guys should like create that program separate. I hope CPF doesn’t become another over-bloated software. keep a firewall a firewall is what i say. anyway the current version is perfect, guess ill just stick to the last good version once this happens, unfortunately.

I believe that in versin 3 of CFP there will be the ability to turn off the HIPS component if you don’t want it on.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Indeed we will have that option to turn it off…

however, PC_Junkie… what you hate is what you percieve to be a HIPS product (eg current HIPS products in the market that keeps popping up alerts every 3 milisecond)… you don’t know how v3 HIPS will operate :slight_smile: just wait and see…


Ok, maybe ill be surprised and actually like it, who knows. I just hope it doesn’t use more memory than it already does. 30mb of memory already on my machine is pushing it for a firewall.

Just minimize the GUI and you should see cfp.exe go down.

Memory/security that CPF provides is unparalled. For the amount of protection we provide for the memory we use is very acceptable. The GUI component is not something that is run all the time so the memory that consumes does not represent the firewall engine memory consumption.


I agree that CFP’s memory usage and security ratio is excellent, but isn’t there a way so that when CFP start that the cfp.exe process is around like what it is when minimized? In reality, memory is not a concern for modern systems including my own, but the numbers in the Task Manager is misleading a lot of new users.

we are working on further improving this in v3…
lets see what we can do…


Nice :wink:

Hey all

well I 'm a really a big fan of HIPS. Cuz it’s useful to id unknown viruses that comes as EXEs. I’ve had that problem with ma usb drive several times. And i don’t want another seperate piece of software running just for that. On ma system CFP only takes about 7 to 9 MBs even with the gui. And even zone alarm has that feature so this is not new in a firewall software. Why not hav all the security features included into the same application? It’s the best solution! when u think about all the compatibility issues that users face with different products!

Just a thought!