Comodo Firewall & Protowall

Any guys out there using this two applications?

It seems to me that CPF isn’t detecting Protowall. CPF has never ask me it I wish to allow internet access for PW. I’ve set the alerts to “Very High” & left “Do not show alerts for certified applications” unchecked.

There are also no rules in my AppMon set for PW.

If it’s a IP blocker like PG2, then it should only need to connect when updating the lists or the program. Do you have auto-update for Protowall? If you try to update it, Comodo should ask you.

Yeah it’s similar to PG2 without the update list function. Since it is an ip blocker, it should actively block connections from unwanted ip’s. As such CPF should be showing alert regarding its connection.

I’ve used sygate & ZA for couple of yrs & they’ll definitely show an alert regarding this. Seems kinda strange CPF didn’t…

As a test only, even though it’s not what you’re after, what happens if you manually created a block App rule on Protowall? Check your log.