Comodo Firewall Proper configurations [Help]

    Hello Comodo forums!

I would like to thank you all for your help first.

I would like some advice on what I should configure into my Comodo Firewall. I manage a small network (less than 5 computers usually), but require a firewall. Having a firewall alone is not enough for me, I need the proper configurations, and what I should look into for the firewall. 

I would also like to ask, by purchasing the Firewall, am I gaining any extra protection?


The Firewall is the same for both the paid and the free version. With the paid version you get support by people from Comodo when you are experiencing problems. Also you will get a subscription for Comodo Trust Connect.

First of all start with stealthing your computer. Go to Firewall → Common Tasks → Stealth Ports Wizard → select “Block all incoming connections stealth my ports to everyone else” → Finish.

I prefer Proactive Security with Firewall and Defense + both in Safe Mode. This gives more control than the default Internet Security configuration but because of using Safe Mode (which uses white listing) there is still a reasonable amount of alerts.

To change to Proactive configuration go to Miscellaneous → Manage my configurations and activate the Proactive Security profile. Notice that the rules made in the previous configuration are not transferred.

What else do you want to know? May be it is best to let the questions come as a result of handling alerts?

Here are a couple of useful links.