Comodo Firewall Prompting For Existing Rules

I’m running CIS version on a freshly installed Windows 7 SP1 x64 computer with full updates (Primarily Security Only).

If I define the Source Address as requested in the Comodo Logs for Firefox when making rules, the Comodo Firewall will still prompt me when it shouldn’t (Refer to the JPG). If I have the final rule set to block instead of prompt I have no browsing access,but I should because of the previous three rules I created. Now, if I change the Source Address for the http rules to “Any”, I suddenly have browsing access. So I’m left wondering what the issue is when defining a Source Address.

Interestingly those same http rules work just fine for Chrome.

Also, whenever I open Comodo Settings, part of my window is missing (Shown in Red).


Look at the rule in yellow again carefully…you have 198 as the first octet instead of 192. Issue with bottom half of settings window missing happens with the modern theme when window is sized bigger than default reported bug topic here.

Well, that was really obvious. Thanks for the second pair of eyes futuretech. That’s what I get for fine tuning rules when tired. I’ll be switching to the other high contrast theme, Classic. Thanks again!